Final Assignment: Owl 3D Puzzle

I was planning to make a 3D puzzle. Firstly, based on a picture and a tutorial from website, I built a simple owl.

I used Edge Surface to build curves to cut the little owl in to four pieces.

And I created small joints (created a cylinder, use BooleanUnion and BooleanDifference).

I didn’t draw drafts for my design, cuz I wasn’t able to make it complicated but I wanted to. Finally I just made it super simple like Lego pieces.

I left the whole Monday to finish printing, but I didn’t realize that one of the 3D printers was broken and created a disaster:

But luckily, the other printer worked.

So basically, my project works like this:

The complete version is here:

3D Printing Final Proposal

What first came to my mind was a slide puzzle like this:

And there’s also a traditional game which I’d like to make, named Klotski:

But I realized that these are hard to 3D print, it’s more suitable for laser-cutting or CNC.

Then I went through lots of 3D models (not only created by Rhino) to get inspiration. Basically, I am interested in making a 3D puzzle.

If I can make such complicated puzzles, it should be really cool. But due to the time and material limitation, I want to create something much simpler.

Like this:

Or just simple like this:

About the complete model, I would like it to be an owl.

Why? Because little owls are soooooooo cute!

And I am not planning to make the puzzle piece by piece – it’s to time consuming! Instead, I want to make it portion by portion (maybe only 2 or 4 portions in total).

Let me try if I can finish it… if not, I’ll go back to make an earth model as the 3D puzzle, or something else…

Or maybe, after learning making joints, I can try something like Klotski?

3D Printing Assignment 4: updated line container

Based on what I did last week, I planned to make my line container more good-looking, so I designed a simple heart.

I cut the heart with two cylinders, so that I have space for my charger.

Then I printed it:

But it doesn’t work so well. I assumed it’s because the cylinder is too wide, so I made it narrower and printed it again. (Actually I rebuilt the whole heart because I closed the file so I couldn’t go back)

Unfortunately, the charger line still didn’t stay in the heart. Then I realized maybe heart is not a good shape for a charger line.

I realized that last time my charger line didn’t stay for long time if I keep moving it, so this time I went back to the original file and adjusted the size to be a little bit larger (just scaled for around 1.02 times).

From left to right, these are my heart1, heart2, and updated original work. The first one seems a little bit dirty, because I sanded it – I didn’t realize that it should not be sanded. And the second one’s shape is much uglier than the first one, they were all built by me but I don’t know why. Also, the hearts don’t look like heart at all, they look like garlics.

What a sad story.