Subtraction Assignment 2: Mill

This week I was planning to cut some Chinese characters.

Firstly I chose a classical font called Seal Character, and transformed the format into SVG through PS and AI.

Then I set everything and started to cut.

After the machine finished, I found that the first character showed only the outline, but lost all its details. I realized that it was because of the thickness of my 1/8 Flat End Mill – maybe 1/16 can work better.

But without other mills, I decided to sand it and restart.

This time I chose the regular script with traditional Chinese character.

But on the half way when it was cutting, the wood moved and everything was ruined. I thought myself should be blamed for not stick it tight enough.

Then I picked another wood piece and tried the third time.

This time I picked cursive script from Chinese calligraphy. Because the characters are cursive, the details will not matter that much.

I set everything carefully, and I stayed with the machine. It worked quite well.

But after 20 minutes, the wood started to move again. Because the tape absorbed too much dust, it could not stick the wood as it was able to. At the moment when I saw it moved, I hit the “pause” button.

Then I found the tape was not able to work any more. So I got the wood out from the machine, and stick new tapes on it, then put it back.

But the position may have changed a little bit, so the mill made two holes on my wood. When I noticed that, I got my wood out of the machine, and polished it as well as I could.

I’m still not satisfied, but I could not get more time or more woods… so this is what I finally got:


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