Fabrication Week 5

This week we need to hold two different materials together.

Firstly I thought about making a golden edged handkerchief, just as what is like what the characters use in Northeastern China’s traditional song-and-dance duet. But I realized the cultural gap, and it would be too hilarious to be an assignment, and there may be no one who can get my point.


Then I wanted to 3D print a sword, and laser cut a sword scabbard. But then I found I couldn’t book 3D printing machine during final time.


Finally I decided to make it as simple as possible: to make a Windmill.


Firstly I tested different materials and I chose the postcard for our winter show.


I cut a small wooden stick and sanded it to make it flat and smooth.


I needed to cut the postcard to make it a square first.


I cut and folded the post card.


When I fold it to be a windmill, I stick different parts together.


After glued it, I needed to hold it for a while.


Now I need to connect it with the wooden stick.


I used a needle to get across from the windmill to the wooden stick.


At first I thought I could sew it together, but then I realized that the string could not work if it’s thiner than the needle – it would get through the whole stuff.


Fastening is supposed to be the hardest part. I considered for a while and tried different materials, finally I decided to weld the needle.


I cut the needle to make it shorter using the high temperature, then I welded it to fix it.


So it works like this:


In case sometimes the gif doesn’t work, here’s the original video:

It’s simple and childish I know. But this is the only thing which finally came to me that could work : P

One thought on “Fabrication Week 5”

  1. Nice work. I like that you used found material. I feel a project like this calls for multiples, it would’ve been nice to see more than one, or windmills in different colored paper.

    I think if you put a washer between the paper windmill and the stick it would spin better.

    I think a screw would work much better than the needle you used. You wouldn’t have to solder it to stay in place, and you could take it apart if you needed to fix it. Small thin screws can be found at most hardware stores.

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