Fabrication Week 2

This week we are making 5 duplicated stuffs. I decided to make five dices.

Firstly I picked appropriate wood (plywood is not a good choice for making small pieces) and measured sizes.


Then I cut the wood into pieces, as I expected how my dices would be like.


Then I polished the wooden pieces, so their surfaces would be smoother.

dice3 dice4

Once again, I polished them on abrasive paper to fix the tiny defects.

dice5 dice6

While polishing them on the machine, I accidentally broke my nails – it didn’t hurt so much, but it scared me.


Finally I got the basic shapes of my dices.

dice9 dice10 dice11

Now it’s time to drill holes on them. Firstly I need to make sure where the holes should be.


I tried different machines. Firstly I tried this one, but it was hard for me to control the specific position where to drill, and it was also a trouble since I needed to switch to different surfaces and adjust the machine once I finished.


Finally I decided to drill holes manually. And after drilling all the holes, I polished them again.


So here are my dices!

2 thoughts on “Fabrication Week 2”

  1. Good work. Those pieces are a little too small to safely use on the power sander. I’m glad your fingers and nails are ok, but next time I wouldn’t try sanding anything that small on that machine.

    Did you use any kind of jig or guide when drilling the holes by hand? It would have made the job a lot easier.

    I would think about maybe painting them or filling in the holes to make them easier to see.

    1. Oh, I’ve tried painting the holes, but it seems disgusting since I couldn’t reach the bottom of the holes, so I polished them and erased the color. Maybe I’ll be able to paint them if I get brushes or any other tools. Thx : )

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